Women's Basketball Faces Top 25

Women's Basketball Faces Top 25

This past Friday, the Women's Basketball team traveled to Wheaton College in Chicago to participate in the Beth Baker Classic.  Their first match-up was against the home team, the Wheaton Thunder, where the Beavers lost, 90-33.  

The Thunder was ranked as No. 21 in NCAA DIII Women's Basketball earlier last week. The Beavers knew that they were facing a top notch challenge going in to the game, but that didn't stop them from giving it all they had.

The first quarter was an eye-opener for the women as they learned the way the Thunder was going to play against them. The Beavers worked to find their own rhythm against the Thunder, but still fell behind. By the end of the first half, the Beavers were down 52-14. 

After half-time, the women came out with new energy, ready to kick in to gear a new plan to attack the Thunder. Third quarter went a little easier for the women as they limited the Thunder's scoring so they only scored 17 points.

The women continued to fight their way through the rest of the game, never once giving up, but it wasn't enough. The Beavers had 27 turnovers that turned into 39 points for the Thunder, which placed the women very low on the scoreboard. 

Freshman Jordan Laczkowski led the Beavers with 11 points while freshman Abby Frerichs led the team with 8 rebounds. For the Thunder, pre-season All American Katie McDonald's led with 16 points while teammate Mel Bremhorst had 8 rebounds. 

The next time the women play is Saturday against UW-Platteville at 1 pm.